Eurovision First Listen: Three Minutes from Georgia with The Shin & Mariko’s “Three Minutes to Earth”

Georgia stretches the definition of "song" for the Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Three Minutes to Earth" by The Shin & Mariko.

Georgia is one of the most experimental countries in the Eurovision Song Contest. In just the past five years their entries have included disco (2009, if they had competed1), a subtle ballad (2010), nu metal (2011), circus antics (2012), and a power duet (2013). This year’s entry, “Three Minutes to Earth” by The Shin & Mariko, taps into yet another genre: early-to-mid ’90s college dorm jam session:

This seems like the extreme end of the folk infusion taking place in this year’s Contest. Unfortunately, this entry doesn’t really feel like a song, but more of a run-on musical sentence. Reading through the lyrics does not add any cohesion to the piece, instead adding to the rambling. I am curious if this is a poor translation, or an effort to shoehorn as many Eurovision-y elements as possible.2

I would not be surprised if this entry gets scuttled to the front of the lineup for the second semi-final. The opening…ululation?…may work as a call to action at the beginning of the show, which could work in the song’s favor. However, there is not much else memorable about this track.

  1. Georgia would not change “We Don’t Wanna Put In” which may or may not have been a protest song about host country Russia.  
  2. Rainbows! Togetherness! Outer Space!  

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