Eurovision First Listen: Armenia Reveals Aram MP3’s “Not Alone”

Armenia's Aram MP3 has revealed his song for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, "Not Alone".

Starting with their debut in 2006 and until 2011 (when they failed to make the final), Armenia had always placed within the top 10 entries of the Eurovision Song Contest.  Since that loss, they’ve been slightly off their game.  Armenia has generally chosen to internally select an artist and let the public choose the song they’d perform in the competition.  This year, they brought selection of both the artist and the song internal, announcing that Aram MP3 would be their representative in December, and debuting his song for the competition, “Not Alone”, on Friday.  Was it worth the wait?

From a musical standpoint, I really like this song.  Like some other entries this year, it incorporates EDM/dubstep trends, but wisely contains them to the instrumentation at the song’s climax rather than try to mirror those in Aram’s vocal cadences as well.  The lyrical flip from “You’re all alone” at the beginning of the song to the triumphant “You’re not alone” by the song’s end is nice as well.  Aram’s vocals are solid throughout, although he gets a little hard to understand towards the end of the song’s shoutier end.

As far as performance goes, this is another entry near the end which has chosen an internal selection/music video premiere model rather than a live performance, leaving me unable to gauge what a performance in Copenhagen might look like.  Hopefully Armenia will bring some drama to the stage to match the ending of their song.

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