Eurovision 2014: Lithuania — Vilija Mataciunaite — Attention

Vilija Mataciunaite's song for Eurovision isn't enough of an "Attention" stealer to give Lithuania a win.

Country: Lithuania
Song Title: “Attention”
Artist: Vilija Mataciunaite
Semi-Final: Second, Position 8
Last year’s entry: “Something” – Andrius Pojavis (22th Place)

If there’s one word I’d use to describe Lithuania’s Eurovision entries, it’s interesting.  Unfortunately, I don’t think I mean that in the good way.  While their choices sometimes produce satisfying if frustrating results1, a lot of times it’s just frustrating.  Last year, I was stunned Andrius Pojavis’ meandering “Something” made it to the Grand Final.  I’m still trying to figure out my thoughts on this year’s entry, Vilija Mataciunaite’s “Attention”.  Like Mike, I appreciate the dancehall influence in this track, but I also agreed it needed some work to really shine in the contest.  Let’s take a look at Vilija’s performance from Eurovision in Concert to see if she listened to our suggestions:

I don’t think I can hold out hope for this one, you guys.  The melody line of this song requires a lot of precision (or some backing singers covering the sample-y parts) and breath control, and it feels like Vilija can barely keep up.  She’s not even doing the crazy choreography from the national final performance here and I can barely make out some of the lines.  While I appreciate the influence from electronica and dancehall, I’m not sure it really suits the R&B core of the song here.  I also agree with Mike that this song needs a much more complex stage performance than anything we’ve seen from Lithuania so far this year – the song doesn’t lack energy, but this performance is a little bland – if there’s nothing to grab the viewer’s “Attention” in the semi-finals, there’s no way they’ll make the Grand Final.

I don’t think Vilija’s position in the lineup is going to giver her any boost, either.  There’s a lot of potentially attention-stealing 2 performances surrounding Lithuania – Austria and Poland both have entries with a strong visual presence that may linger in viewers’ minds longer when it comes time to vote.  Ultimately, I’m not confident we’ll be seeing much of Vilija in May – there’s a lot of potentially good elements here, but they’re not being put to their best use.

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  1. I still argue Inculto’s “Eastern European Funk” should have made the final  
  2. fully intended.  

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  • I have resigned myself to the fact this could conceivably finish in last place. I don’t care—this song is my jam.