Eurovision 2014 Entry: Denmark — Basim — Cliché Love Song

Host country Denmark will attempt to earn another Eurovision victory with "Cliché Love Song" by Basim. Will its prime position in the Final push the song over the top?

Country: Denmark
Song Title: “Cliché Love Song”
Artist: Basim
Position: 23
Last year’s entry: “Only Teardrops” – Emmelie de Forrest (1st Place)

One of the reasons I wanted to collaborate with Ben in tackling this year’s Eurovision Song Contest was so that there would be opinions to counterbalance my own with regards to the individual entries. Host country Denmark’s entry “Cliché Love Song” by Basim illustrates this goal perfectly. The aspects Ben enjoys about the track are what drive me up the wall about this song. Take a listen:

The nods to Bruno Mars and Janelle Monáe are obvious, but I would argue the influence has crossed over to imitation. This flaw may stand out more this year than it would in other years since so many artists are bringing quirks to the competition. It’s not that this is a “Cliché Love Song,” but it is so traditional in a field filled with attempts to push the Eurovision envelope. Although the track is radio friendly and could conceivably exist outside of the Eurovision ecosystem, it feels like a song that is about the Contest.1 The components don’t gel for me, but I realize I am in the minority on that front.

As I write this, Denmark is third favorite to win according to the bookmakers, behind Armenia and Sweden. If anything, I think this is an indication of a spectacular show come next week. Denmark has avoided controversy as host nation, and I have to wonder how that may influence voting patterns.2 Although Armenia has maintained the top spot since its track debuted, the semi-finals and final have had considerable movement in the odds. It might be luck on Denmark’s part, but this degree of uncertainty may make this the most exciting Eurovision Song Contest since Germany hosted in 2011.

Denmark drew a prime spot3 in the Final, performing 23rd. Basim’s performance should provide that last energy boost before we reach the finish of what should be a marvelous show. I don’t believe “Cliché Love Song” will pull off a second win for Denmark, but it could play spoiler when it comes to vote distributions. We’ll find out in about 10(!) days.

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  1. Remember Latvia’s entry in 2012?  
  2. If there’s any influence, that is.  
  3. MATH PUN!  

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  • On a meta level, Latvia 2012 was great, but in execution, it mostly seemed like someone forgot to replace the stand-in lyrics with the real ones before the recording session.

    With the whole field revealed, my enthusiasm for Denmark has cooled a little bit since my initial review, but they definitely have the possibility to shake the voting up.