Eurovision 2015 Entry: Spain — Edurne — Amanecer

Is Spain even trying to win the Eurovision Song Contest with Edurne's "Amanacer"?

Country: Spain
Song Title: “Amanecer”
Artist: Edurne
Last year’s entry: “Dancing In The Rain”1 – Ruth Lorenzo (10th Place)

We’re finally getting down to the Big 5 for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, and I get to kick things off with Spain.  I’m going to be honest: I haven’t liked a Spanish Eurovision entry since 2008’s “Baila El Chiki-Chiki”.  There’s something in the entries they choose that feels just a little too bland and middle-of-the-road for my taste, and although they surprised me with how well they did last year (10th!), generally I’ve agreed with the bottom-scraping placements they’ve had the past few years before.  It just feels like Spain is going through the motions when it comes to selecting their entries:

Aside from the delightfully terrible special effects in the video above2, Edurne’s “Amanacer” does nothing for me, musically.  I appreciate the nod to dubsteppiness in the backing track, but I feel that there are at least 2 or 3 female-led ballads in the competition that are better and more unique.  The pacing feels a little slow to me as well – it’s only 3 minutes, but it feels like an Edurnity3.  I think Spain‘s lucky they’re part of the Big 5 – without that guaranteed “in”, I’m not sure this entry has the charisma it would need to sneak into the finals.

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  2. that feel straight off the cutting room floor of The Quest  
  3. I refuse to apologize for this terrible, terrible play on words  

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