First Listen: Denmark Equips Its “Soldiers of Love”

Are Lighthouse X well-equipped to represent Denmark in Stockholm with "Soldiers of Love"?

Denmark is one of my favorite countries to root for in the Eurovision Song Contest – they seem to have a good pulse on how to blend the type of song that wins Eurovision with elements of what’s going on in modern pop.  Since last winning in 2013, though, that sense has been a little off.  Let’s see if Lighthouse X’s “Soldiers of Love” gets them back on track:

For the second year in a row, Denmark is sending a boy band of some sort, although Lighthouse X feels a little closer to Il Volo in terms of age than last year’s entry, Anti Social Media, did.  Their song, “Soldiers of Love”, is nice, but it feels a little by the numbers for Eurovision.  The group clearly has musical talent, but the song feels a little bland and the performance itself is polished, but nothing special.  This feels strongly middle of the pack for me – depending on the makeup of its semifinal, this may get through, but this may be another year of 12th place and no final for Denmark if stronger entries emerge.

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