Eurovision 2017 YouTube Week 2: Favorites Emerging

Now that we have week-to-week data and all 43 songs available, which Eurovision entries are the movers and shakers and possible favorites in Kyiv?

Jana Burceska will represent FYR Macedonia at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest (Photo: Erina Bogoeva) Jana Burceska will represent FYR Macedonia at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest (Photo: Erina Bogoeva)

First Semi-Final

Top Spots

Last week’s leader, Blanche from Belgium, maintained her lead this week, having the most viewed video on the official Eurovision YouTube Channel with more than 1,537,000 views as of Wednesday evening. However, Sweden’s Robin Bengtsson has closed the gap considerably, with “I Can’t Go On” racking up 1,507,000 views. In a distant third is Australia’s Isaiah, with “Don’t Come Easy” clocking in with almost 892,000 views.

Big Moves

Sweden pulled in the most views of all the entries this week, with more than 678,000 trips on the treadmills. He narrowly beat out Armenia’s Artsvik, whose video for “Fly With Me” debuted this past Saturday but managed to pull in more than 633,000 views in just a few days. Belgium also managed to attract half a million clicks this week alone.

You in danger, girl

Georgia may need to keep the faith, or at least get the real video posted ASAP. The national final performance of Tamara Gachechiladze’s song is currently the least watched of all of this year’s videos with just over 90,000 views. “Keep the Faith” also had the lowest viewership this week, attracting a little more than 30,000 hits.

Second Semi-Final

Top Spots

FYR Macedonia has the high water mark this week, with “Dance Alone” charting almost 1.15 million views. However, Jana Burčeska is not alone in the seven-figures club, as Serbia is right behind her with 1.12 million views and Bulgaria at 1.05 million.

Big Moves

Bulgaria will be one to watch out for at the Contest this year, if YouTube is any indication. Kristian Kostov had the second-most watched video in this semi-final and the fourth-most watched video overall this week, chalking up more than 523,000 views. The most-watched video of the semi-final belongs to Russia’s Julia Samoylova, though I’m not sure how many of her 541,000 views were in the last 24 hours.1 San Marino2 rounded out the top three of big movers in this semi-final, adding 405,000 views to their total.

You in danger, girl (and guy)

The last video to debut from this semi-final was Estonia’s “Verona” by Koit Toome and Laura. This one also debuted on Saturday, but has only managed to register 98,000 views by Wednesday evening. Although that’s an okay-sized level of week-to-week viewership, Estonia sits in 42nd place in total viewership. It’s possible the debut may have been overshadowed by Armenia, but no one told Estonia to drop the video on Saturday…

The Auto-Qualifiers

France currently sits on top of the Big Five and Ukraine with 780,000 total views. “Requiem” also had the most views of the bunch this week with more than 341,000. The new abridged version of Italy’s “Occidentali’s Karma” had a modest debut of 318,000 views. Considering there is a longer video without subtitles that has been available elsewhere for over a month, I would not be surprised if this song has the Lazarev effect. Ukraine’s “Time” had the least viewership this week, while Spain’s “Do it for Your Lover” got out of the basement by adding 100,000 views.

  1. Editor’s Note: Until the EBU/Eurovision officially announces Russia withdrawing from or changing their entry for this year’s Contest, we will be proceeding under the assumption that they will be competing with Julia Samoylova.  
  2. Really?  

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