Artsvik asks Armenia to “Fly With Me”

Armenia had the earliest Eurovision selection series, but saved its entry "Fly with Me" by Depi Evratesil's winner Artsvik for last.

Artsvik will represent Armenia at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest (Photo: Facebook) Artsvik will represent Armenia at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest (Photo: Facebook)

We’ve been waiting quite a while1 for Armenia’s Artsvik to reveal her Eurovision entry. Would it be a Beyonce-level power ballad? Would it be a conceptual art installation like last year’s “LoveWave“? What does “Fly With Me” have in store for us?

It’s a little from column A and a little from column B. Woo! Although the song does not have as many vocal demands as some of her performances during Armenia’s selection process, I think this song does a good job of showcasing how powerful Artsvik’s voice can be. I’m also surprised to see her doing choreography in the video as she did exactly none during Depi Evratesil. The combination of sound and visuals seems to be pulling from all the threads of what has made Armenian entries very successful the last several years.

As for what to work on in the meantime, I’ll be curious to see how much of the video concept transfers to the stage performance. If the concept is mostly unchanged, the choreography will need to tighten up while also expanding a bit to accommodate staging for the venue.

This should be an entry people keep an eye on. While it may not immediately catch on, I could see appreciation for this song building up over the next several weeks as we get ready for Kyiv. Good job, Armenia!

  1. since the end of Depi Evratesil, to be exact  

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