Eurovision 2017 Entry: Serbia — Tijana Bogićević — In Too Deep

Serbia may have the song of the summer with Tijana Bogićević's "In Too Deep" but does that translate to Eurovision success?

Tijana Bogićević will represent Serbia at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, Ukraine (Photo: Andreja Damjanovic) Tijana Bogićević will represent Serbia at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, Ukraine (Photo: Andreja Damjanovic)

Country: Serbia
Song Title: “In Too Deep”
Artist: Tijana Bogićević
Second Semi-Final: Position #1
Last year’s entry: “Goodbye (Shelter)” – ZAA Sanja Vucic (18th Place)

Serbia has been embracing the pop music aspects of Eurovision the last couple years, moving toward English language dance tracks ad radio friendliness over the songcraft of entries like “Molitva” and the the oeuvre of Željko Joksimović. This year is no different, with what may be the most radio friendly track of the competition: “In Too Deep” by Tijana Bogićević.

If Eurovision were a “Song of the Summer” contest, “In Too Deep” would easily be in the top five. This song feels very 2017, from the choice of sound effects, the pseudo-poetic lyrics, and the power shifts between verse and chorus. The simplicity of the lyrics and delivery also make this an attractive karaoke jam, which adds to the appeal.

However, the above is somewhat damning with faint praise. Although the track is of its time (Spring 2017), there is no gravitas that gives it the timelessness of successful Eurovision entries. “Molitva” still gives chills, “Euphoria” opens the heart, and “Rise Like a Phoenix” will be a pride anthem for at least the next decade. “In Too Deep” is pleasant, but not particularly memorable in a world of disposable pop songs. The video reminds me of Estonia’s 2014 entry “Amazing” which also had a contemporary dance motif but did not qualify to that year’s final.

Although I’m not excited about this song as a Eurovision entry, Tijana Bogićević does have some advantages in her corner. First, Serbia has a near-flawless track record at the Contest, and goodwill counts for a lot. The song will kick off the less competitive second semi-final1, which means there are more spots up for grabs. Tijana Bogićević will be greeting televoters’ ears at the beginning of every recap package during the voting window, which could be a HUGE booster.

I would be shocked if Serbia did not make the Eurovision Grand Final. However, I expect it to run into the same roadblocks Malta2 did last year in the Final, with a lower than expected finish in the standings.

Eurovision Song Contest Second Semi-Final
May 11, 2017

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  1. Now even less competitive with Russia dropping out  
  2. The most 2016 song of the 2016 field  

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