Things to Know When You Go to Eurovision

4. Chat up people in queue

Lines will happen at Eurovision, either at security, in the restrooms, or at the bar. You can rest assured that whoever is standing in front of or behind you is just as much of a Eurovision fan as you. The overall event is similar to a ComicCon or other fan convention1, so you know your conversation partner will have something in common with you. Some good intro questions:

  • What country are you from?
  • Which songs are you rooting for?
  • Have you been to Eurovision before?
  • What was your first Eurovision?

Keep in mind, if you are an American you will be a unicorn. Be prepared to explain how on earth you know about Eurovision and perhaps offer a theory or two about how to spread the gospel of the Contest when you get back to the States. You don’t need to be a supernerd about the Contest — those in attendance range from one step above casual fan and superfan.

When we were queued up for the first semi-final, the people behind us struck up a conversation when they heard our conversation in English and we ended up hanging out for the rest of the evening. They also offered tips (like going to EuroClub) to enhance our experience. One of the people in the group also marveled at my ability to sing along with the music. Speaking of…

  1. including cosplay  

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